Upcoming Experiences

If you have not been with Aimee before, please seek out a Foundation to Connection Experience (used to be called Intro Clinics). This Experience is offered in Phases 1 & 2 for Online, Liberty and Riding. Students that have worked with Aimee before are moved into more advancing experiences to continue a forward focus. 

Please let us know if you have a special request!  Aimee loves to work outside the box!

Marcia’s Inspiration

Have you been looking for that harmonious relationship with your horse?  If you are, then you need to sign up for one of Aimee Brimhall McCord’s clinics!   It is unlike any other clinic I have been to.  The connection I gain with my herd after each experience with Aimee is life changing.  The serene experience Aimee creates cannot be duplicated; my participation has improved my relationship, understanding, partnership, and communication with my horses. The best part is I have improved all of these areas by being soft, quiet, and thoughtful. 

Aimee as a clinician is a teacher that listens and observes.  Her incredible intuition and knowledge is something you need to experience yourself. Her sense of awareness helps each individual person no matter what level they are in with their horsemanship. Each of Aimee’s clinics has been different, and I highly recommend repeating them.  You learn something new each time.   Do not walk, run to one of Aimee’s Clinics.  I am awestruck every time I leave!

Date Location Duration Skill Level Auditor Openings Participant Openings Availability Contact Host
September 11th-23rd 2020 Heartsong Equestrian Center North Branch MN Foundation to Connection Phase 1-New Students/Advancing Students Experience Yes--must pre-register Click Here
Date Location Duration Skill Level Auditor Openings Participant Openings Availability Contact Host
October 12th-23rd 2020 Solstice Ranch 10 Days with (2) days off Advancing Group 2 Full Click Here
Date Location Duration Skill Level Auditor Openings Participant Openings Availability Contact Host
November 5th-19th 2020 Rancho San Antonio Buellton California New students Phase 1 Lecture and Experience plus Advancing students 8 Day Experience Full Full Click Here

California 5th-17th 2019

"Softness is a choice not an action. To become soft, look to the inside. What is the origin?"


Inspirational Horse

Journal One

Horses are incredible animals with so much to share with us. Journal 1 takes you inside Aimee’s world with her personal horses. Watch as she shares this special relationship with you. Come and learn more about what is possible between horse and human! 55 minutes of Inspiration from 6 different horses playing with Aimee. Limited production.

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