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Aimee was a 3 Star Parelli Professional from 1997 through 2009. In 2002 she was the youngest L4 Pat had awarded.

With 25+ years of teaching experience she is able to help you connect with your horse in a way that is hard to find. Her special way of teaching people and horses has raised the bar among clinicians.

The classes that Aimee offers are called Experiences.  These are not just another clinic to tell your friends about.  Illuminate your journey with fresh, thought provoking concepts and interactions with high regard for horse and human!

Experiences are much more than your average clinic or course.  These are designed to take you to the next level.  Involving all of your senses and bringing your intuition to new heights!  Become more than just a participant, surround yourself with like minded people, engage conversations that go way below the surface and look at the horse from all angles.  With classroom discussions, demonstrations, and one on one help; all aspects of learning are incorporated. As many of you probably know, just that one suggestion can make a world of difference in the results you can have with your horse.  Horses and people are looking for that special connection of lightness and trust, come join in for a truly awesome experience!

At Inspirational Horse, we don’t offer Clinics…

we offer Experiences!




Eve’s Inspiration

While on the road of “natural horsemanship,” I was lucky enough to find Aimee and the incredible group of students she works with.  I ride warmblood jumpers and was looking for someone who really understood the unique temperament of these amazing war horses.  My initial goal of the program was to ride in clinics with major trainers and “fake” the hard connection with a connection from the Heart.  I wanted the riding to look classically-trained with no pulling, fighting, demanding, or aggressive tactics by both the Horse and myself.  I had always felt there was another way, but needed someone to help me find that grace and freedom under saddle.  I knew that if I stuck with Aimee this would be possible, and it has become a reality these past years.  Through that transformation, I have been honored by the gift of the Horse and am in awe of what a true partnership can do together. 

One of the most beautiful things about Aimee’s program is the ability to make mistakes, try new things and ideas, and be supported in a truly safe space.  By the end of each clinic, I have not only fallen more in love with my own Horse partner, but also with each participant and their Horse. 

I count Aimee as one of the true blessings in my life.  She is a gift to the Horse and the world is better for it.  I wish each person who fell in love with Horses as a child could stay in that innocent place and learn these lessons; always trusting their own Heart and Intuition and seeing the Horse for who they are.  

Through her mentorship, she has asked that I be the best “me” and that my true-self can connect in my own beautiful, special way to the Horse.  My Herd is happier and healthier for the connection and is more available to me in a way I never knew possible. 

Once you have seen the Horse through this lens, you can never go back, nor would you ever want to.

A New Frontier as emerged in horsemanship

Want to watch and listen?

Foundation to Connection will take you through the language and concepts that Aimee teaches.  This is a wonderful way to boost your understanding no matter what your level of horsemanship is.  This foundation is based on the connections between horse & human with a unique language based on elements most people don’t know about.  It’s foundational and very advanced all at the same time.  You won’t be disappointed! Follow along as Aimee takes 8 students through 3 days of immersion into a whole new world!  She also gives some examples with students’ horses on video so you can see what she is explaining!

Horses show us something new every time we interact with them. They are masters of body language and subtle communication. We have so much to learn from them like patience, respect, letting go, and creative thinking. Inspirational Horse will give you EXPERIENCE that fills the heart and mind with feelings, insights, adventures and gained wisdom. Let’s immerse ourselves in these exciting topics;

  • Using your body language more effectively
  • Understanding how ‘energy’ works both on the ground and riding
  • Interesting ideas about how horses communicate with each other
  • How to find natural collection on the ground and riding
  • Advancing your liberty knowledge
  • Playing with different combination’s or patterns
  • Ideas to take home for months of playing
  • Accessing the ‘mind’ connection that horses have with each other
  • Playing with all lengths of ropes including long lines
  • Unlocking body braces
  • Relaxation and Stretching
  • Finding Exuberance
  • Higher awareness of our bodies
  • Relationship not competition
  • Fun and creative trail rides
  • Taking your freestyle riding to the next level

Begin the Journey

There is so much more to learn about what the horses are saying to us. It  is a wonderful and intriguing journey. Can you see how to create a stronger bond and connection? Do you know how to help horses use their bodies better? Are you ready to be a student of the horse? Come join Aimee and learn more then you thought was possible.

With small groups, only 6-8 people, get the one on one attention you need. Experiences range from two days to two weeks. Students are grouped together to best match their needs.  Most classes also include Private Lessons, an added bonus!

Aimee’s experiences sometimes allow a limited number of outside auditors. These people are welcome to participate in simulations but must Preregister to attend.  Check your  flyer for pricing and details.

Make sure you book your rider position fast! Spaces are very limited and fill quickly, some experiences are already booked full so make sure to email us for availability. If you’re interested in hosting a experience at your facility, please submit an inquiry through the contact page.




Long Term Study is available at Solstice Ranch. This is a "living" program for deep study of all that Inspirational Horse offers.  We can accommodate up to 2 students at a time. 

  Please contact us if you are interested.




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