Solstice Ranch

Growing up on 80 beautiful acres in Montana set the stage for my dream… to some- day have my own place to share with others. Once I became an Instructor, I knew there had to be a place where people could come and immerse themselves in their journey with horses. It had to be just the right place, and of course, be at the right time.

After much searching the dream came true. Brian and I finally found our home in Fall of 2011. With lush pastures, groomed forested trails, flat areas and hills, Solstice Ranch’s 76 Acres adjoining the Cherokee National Forest took our breath away! There was a lot of work to do with barbed wire pastures, overgrown trails and pastures 6 feet high in blackberry bushes! 

 This amazing property is 45 minutes outside Chattanooga and is conveniently located in a beautiful valley near Cleveland, TN. Every year people come to the area by the thousands to raft the Ocoee and Hiawassee Rivers. Ocoee is known for it’s awesome whitewater rafting, abundant hiking, mountain biking and it’s spectacular lakes and mountain views. It’s a major destination for much of the east coast.

Solstice Ranch has 40 acres of woods and 40 acres of open ground which host an outdoor 100 ft round arena, 80X180 covered arena, 40X70 covered arena in barn, 80′ round pen, loop trails through the woods and pastures. With changing terrain, it is a horse person’s paradise.  We are proud to share it with everyone who comes. We are sure you will have an exciting and memorable time here at Solstice Ranch! ~Aimee and Brian

Dave’s Inspiration

“I had been stuck in my horsemanship, being unable to advance or improve. I could improve a maneuver in a session, but it wouldn’t stick and I would continually have to revisit it with my horse. The theory all makes sense but the truth is in the application. Having 10 days with you observing my interaction with my horse, pointing out miscommunications, pointing out when I or my horse would not be managing our responsibilities, and helping with suggestions on how to interact as a leader instead of a dominant were keys to finally getting me unstuck. At this point I feel very confident that there is no limit to what my horse and I can do; we have more harmony and I have learned how to converse as a leader in horsemanship, rather than having a contextual dominant conversation. Thanks again Aimee. Looking forward to seeing you next year.”

~Dave in MN

Horse Accommodations

There are multiple options for your horses, 12×12 & 12×24 stalls. Depending on the time of year there maybe limited pasture turnout. Once you arrive we’ll decide what best suits your needs.

Please bring your own hay for your horse.  We do have hay for sale if you need. 

Human Accommodations

The main barn has a full bathroom, making it very easy for people to camp. There are (8) RV Trailer hookups with electricity and water.

Nearby Accommodations

There are many options when considering where to stay in Ocoee. Accommodations come in many forms from camping to cabins to nice lodges. Here are some good options that are within 20 minutes or less of Solstice Ranch. There are also many others not listed here, feel free to check the internet and if you have any questions we’ll do what we can to help. There are 3 restaurants 5 minutes away. Grocery is 10-20 minutes away in Cleveland, TN. Chattanooga is 45 minutes from Solstice Ranch. 

When you make plans to come you might want to stay an extra day or two and enjoy what the area has to offer. 




Long Term Study is available at Solstice Ranch. This is a "living" program for deep study of all that Inspirational Horse offers.  We can accommodate up to 2 students at a time. 

  Please contact us if you are interested.




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