Inspirational Horse

We are all gifted with the ability to communicate with our horses and to be the leader they are looking for. You are invited on a wonderful journey into the amazing partnership and connection the horse offers to us. No matter what your goals and dreams are, creating a strong connection and understanding will make everything you do better. Working at this level requires support and hands on information.

With 21+ years of experience Aimee Brimhall McCord has learned how to teach to others the amazing connection that horses offer to us and have elements of with each other. Learn how to understand what is happening in any given situation, decipher what your horse is telling you, how to create subtle interactions based on body language and intent rather than sticks/pressure and find the partnership horses will offer to humans if offered to them.

Inspirational Horse came forward through Aimee’s love for horses along side a feeling that has never ending expansion–INSPIRATION. Be the potential you see in your horse. Flow into your decisions without pause or feel of failure. Include your space in all you do. With new awareness of becoming the true friend your horse has requested allow your true potential to rise to this occasion. 

Inspirational horse unites natural horsemanship with the art of limitless connection… the result is higher levels of awareness & communication for the human For the horse, honoring their innate ability to connect at the highest levels.

Experience Inspiration

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Horses will talk if we will listen. They have the ability to see and feel on a level that is unknown to us. The subtleties they have with each other is almost invisible. One moment almost nothing and then big and bold!

With an elegance that we cannot take our eyes from, they bring forward so many emotions. Their natural collection and desire to connect is right before us. The unique language that somehow, humans have been invited to take part in is available to you. You are invited to come learn more…

Comments from a student-

Studying, exploring and experimenting with Aimee has been a personal journey that has allowed me to become more aware, more mindful, more creative, more peaceful, more introspective, a better listener, a better motivator, more balanced, more fluid/flow, more grounded and a much more interesting partner for my herd.  While gaining the above qualities, I’ve also been able to become less dominant, less ego-centric, less competitive, less critical, less perfect, less tense, less goal-oriented, less pushy, and less concerned about timelines and time frames.  The effect of these changes has been quite stunning in my relationships with my older, domestic horses, and transformational in my relationships with my “from-the-wild” Nokota mare and my “from-the-wild” donkey.  The “wilds” seem to absolutely need me to learn and practice new ways of being me that they can recognize and connect with from a heart “space” that, before Aimee, I did not know existed.  



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“Freedom speaks through us, life speaks through us, forever giving speaks through us”


Inspirational Horse

Journal One

Horses are incredible animals with so much to share with us. Journal 1 takes you inside Aimee’s world with her personal horses. Watch as she shares this special relationship with you. Come and learn more about what is possible between horse and human! 55 minutes of Inspiration from 6 different horses playing with Aimee. Limited production.

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